Hotel Happenings: Making The Most Of Your Travel

Staying At A Vacation Condo Rental

Many people nowadays choose to stay at vacation condo rentals instead hotels and other sleep accommodation options. It's a little bit different so you might be curious about the experience. If you decide to stay at a vacation condo rental, you can expect the following.

Possibly a Different Check-in Process 

The check-in process is one of the differences between staying at a condo vacation rental and a hotel. You will often meet up with the owner or management company to get your keys, or they'll leave them in a lockbox with a code. If the units at the property get rented out to vacationers regularly, they may have a front desk that will have your keys, and checking in will be done similarly to hotels. 

Assigned Parking

Have you ever checked in at a hotel and then circled the parking lot looking for a place to park? Sometimes, there are no spots available, and you'll have to park in a separate lot a considerable distance from the hotel. When you stay at a vacation condo rental, you'll usually have one or two spots reserved explicitly for your unit and typically not far from your door. 

There May Not Be Staff On-Site

There might be no staff members on-site when you stay at a condo vacation rental. If you have special requirements or requests, you can usually contact someone, and they'll assist you, so it's not usually an issue. You may even like that no one is there watching your every move, and there's not someone constantly asking you if you're enjoying your stay.  

Your Neighbors May Be Permanent Residents

When you stay at a hotel, the other guests usually only stay a few nights. When you stay at a vacation condo rental, there's a good chance that the people around you live there permanently. There may be other guests renting a vacation unit like you, but there will likely be many people who own their unit and reside there year-round, so remember to be respectful to them by following all the rules.  

A Full Kitchen

Some hotels have small kitchenettes where you can cook meals, but a condo rental typically has a full kitchen with an oven, a full-sized fridge, cookware, etc. You can prepare all your meals there and save money by not having to eat at restaurants. Even if you don't cook there, having a big fridge to store food and a microwave to heat leftovers is still convenient.

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