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Tips to Help You Catch More Halibut

Halibut are large fish known for their firm flesh, which is high in protein and low in fat. They are generally caught from a boat, since they prefer deeper waters. You don't have to catch many halibut to feel successful, thanks to their size. However, if you're having trouble catching as many as you would like, here are some tips to help you catch more halibut.

Use Fresh Chum

Chumming the water is a great way to attract halibut and bring them towards the surface. However, halibut can be picky about their chum. Frozen chum may attract some fish, but fresh chum is far more effective. A lot of anglers have success with liquid krill as chum. If you can find a fishing shop selling halibut-specific chum, which you often can in areas where halibut are common, this is your best bet.

Bait Your Hook With Salmon

Halibut are predatory fish. They are therefore highly attracted to other fish as bait. One of the best baits to use is salmon. A little chunk is enough in most cases. Make sure the salmon is fresh.

Use Brand New Hooks

The roofs of halibuts' mouths are really tough, and these fish are really strong. As such, if you do not have a sharp hook, you are likely to lose the fish off the line. If you're getting nibbles but not reeling in a lot of fish, then you may need to use a sharper hook. Anglers often like to use a brand new hook each time they fish for halibut. Save your used hooks for smaller, less-tough fish.

Sink Your Line to Varied Depths

People often catch halibut near the top of the water since this is where they come to feed. However, the halibut spend most of their time, between feedings, further down. So, if you can cast your line to varied depths, you may catch some bottom-dwelling fish that have not come to the top to feed yet. If you're fishing deep and not having luck, bring your line up. If you're fishing high without luck, sink your line deeper.

Halibut are rewarding fish to fish for, thanks to their size and delicious flavor. If you follow the tips above, you will have better luck catching plenty of fish. Above all else, remember to relax and have a good time. That's what being out on the water is all about. For more information about halibut fishing, contact a fishing expert in your area.

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