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Tips For Using Your Hotel Gym

If physical fitness is really important to you, then you will likely want to choose a hotel with a gym. This saves you from having to venture out and find a private gym that allows visitors, which can be tough to do these days. It also saves you time; you can just walk down the hall to the gym. However, working out in a hotel gym can be a bit different from working out in your home gym or a commercial gym. There are a few tips you'll want to follow along the way.

Allow more time than you think you'll need.

Hotel gyms aren't typically very big. They tend to only have one or two of each piece of equipment. So, this may mean you end up waiting for a few minutes for someone else to finish using some equipment before you are able to use it. If you want to ensure you fit in an entire workout, make sure you allow yourself more time than you think your workout will take. For instance, if you plan on a 30-minute workout, allow yourself 45 minutes in the gym.

Confirm access policies with the front desk.

When you check into your room, ask the front desk staff about accessing the gym. They may tell you that you need to swipe your room card or that you need to get a secondary card from a staff member to gain access. It's best to figure out what these policies are before you head down for your first workout so you're not left standing outside the gym trying to get a key card to work.

Wear fresh clothing.

Hotel gyms are small, so if anyone has any odors, everyone in the gym smells them. So while you may re-wear your workout clothing once or twice at home, don't do it at the hotel gym. Thankfully, workout clothing tends to be light, so you should be able to pack a few outfits without adding too much weight to your travel bag.

If possible, visit at less popular hours.

Most people want to use the gym either early in the morning or right after work hours, before dinner. So, this is when the hotel gym will be the busiest. If you are available outside of these hours, try to fit your workout in then. For example, if you don't have an obligation until 2:00 pm, try working out at 11 am. You'll probably have the gym to yourself!

With these tips above, you can make the most of a hotel gym and get a great workout. Contact a hotel like Totem Inn to learn more.

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