Hotel Happenings: Making The Most Of Your Travel

Will You Be Heading To The Oregon Coast Soon?

Do you prefer traveling during the autumn months instead of taking a summer vacation? Perhaps you aren't crazy about hordes of summer tourists that take away from things you were looking forward to seeing. On the other hand, traveling during the autumn months will mean that kids are back in school and that there will more than likely be fewer people no matter where you go, right?

Have you decided that this year's autumn vacation will take place on the southern Oregon coast? If you've been there before, it's no wonder that you are returning to places that impressed you. If you've never been to the southern Oregon coast, prepare to be amazed, not only by the scenery but by the avant-garde lifestyle you'll find. It's wonderfully quirky!

From finding the best places to stay on the southern Oregon coast to planning what you'll see while on vacation, here are some ideas that might help you.

Best Places To Stay On The Southern Oregon Coast

Part of the fun of a vacation is having a nice home base, isn't it? The hardest part about finding a place to stay on this trip will be the many options that are available to you. 

Maybe you'd love to stay in an old farmhouse that has been converted to a bed-and-breakfast. You'll probably stay in a charming bedroom that has things like rustic furniture and hand made quilts as part of the design of your room. The dining room will probably be open for homemade breakfasts that will end up being one of the highlights of your trip. You might even become friends with the innkeeper.

Maybe you'd rather have something more contemporary. In that case, think of staying in a hotel. While you might not have homemade meals for breakfast, there might still be a complimentary breakfast served each morning. And if you're lucky, you'll end up with a hotel that provides decadent chocolate on your pillow every night. 

Things To Do On The Southern Oregon Coast

Hopefully, you'll have plenty of days to see all there is to see in this gorgeous part of the United States. If you love the outdoors, there will be plenty of opportunities to hike and to have picnics in beautiful parks. Maybe you'd love to go on a fishing expedition while you're in Oregon. If so, that can happen easily. Part of your outdoor fun might even include a guided kayak tour of Yakima Bay. 

Don't just choose outdoor things to do, though. Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium or the many boutiques, art galleries, and museums. The concierge at your hotel or the innkeeper at your bed-and-breakfast will be happy to point you to great restaurants and other local attractions, too.

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