Hotel Happenings: Making The Most Of Your Travel

Help Guests Make It To Your Destination Wedding By Offering Travel Assistance

Undoubtedly, you want to share your destination wedding with those you love. Help ensure that the most guests can come and enjoy your big day by providing them with some travel and lodging assistance in advance. Here are five ideas to make things easier for everyone. 

Travel Options. If your wedding is out of the country or on an island, there may be only one way to arrive at the location. But if there are other alternatives, research them for your guests. This could mean including train or boat travel schedules and pricing, recommending car services, or providing a map to drive directly to your resort lodge or ceremony location. 

Lodging Options. If anyone on your guest list may have limited finances, offer the group lodging options that fit different budgets. This could be as simple as different room accommodations within the resort or it may include finding one or two nearby hotels that are more budget-friendly. You may even suggest nearby vacation rental homes if a family or two wants to pool their resources together. 

Resort Information. Choosing a resort for your wedding locale offers the best combination of lodging, activities, and convenience for your whole wedding group. Make sure your guests know where the resort is and what activities they can participate in. Find out if your wedding package includes any concierge services for your guests and put people in touch. 

Group Activities. Reluctant travelers may benefit from having a few group activities planned for them. Use the time to hold a mini family reunion, charter a dinner cruise for your family, or rent a van to visit some nearby tourist destinations. Research a few ideas and then present them to your guests before the wedding along with a designated group travel coordinator among the family. 

Financial Help. If you have any loved ones that you simply cannot bear to get married without, consider offering some financial help with travel or lodging costs. This could include making Grandma's room reservations yourself or ordering a car service to get her to and from the airport. This option is limited to your budget, of course, so avoid spreading the word around if you do help anyone out. 

Destination weddings often allow the bridal couple to devote less time to planning the minutiae of their wedding ceremony so you can spend more time with the ones you love. By preparing some travel ideas and options for your guests, you will help them attend and enjoy themselves just as much as you do. 

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