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Tips For Taking A Fearful Dog To Its First Grooming Session

If you've recently acquired a dog that is a little fearful, there are lots of things that you'll want to do to ensure that the pet feels relaxed and comfortable in your presence. You may even wish to consult a dog trainer to help you to better understand how to interact with the animal to keep its anxiety low and help to build its trust. If you've made an appointment to have the dog groomed for the first time, you might be a little apprehensive — especially if the dog can sometimes be afraid or anxious in the presence of strangers. However, grooming is a vital task that you shouldn't put off, even if you're concerned about how the appointment will go. Here are some tips for improving the process.

Inform The Groomer

It might sound simple, but your first priority is to let the pet groomer know that your dog is fearful. Groomers are customarily gentle with pets, but a groomer who knows that a dog has anxiety issues will take an even calmer and more caring approach. You may even wish to ask the groomer how he or she will take care of your pet to ensure that the appointment doesn't unnecessarily upset the dog. Simply hearing the answer to this query can make you feel calmer.

Get There Early

You don't want to arrive late to the groomer, rush in with your pet, and have the appointment begin. This activity may increase your pet's anxiousness and unnecessarily make the appointment more difficult for the groomer, too. Getting to the grooming business in advance of your scheduled session can help to alleviate your pet's anxiety. Dogs can often be nervous in new environments, especially when they aren't able to assess the scene. An early arrival means that you can give your dog a chance to sniff around, as well as meet the staff, before the grooming session actually begins.

Reduce Your Own Anxiety

Dogs can often detect your energy, which may cause them to behave in a certain way based on how you're acting. If you're feeling extremely anxious about your pet's first grooming appointment, it may sense this anxiety and become even more anxious. You can dramatically improve the situation by trying to reduce your own anxiety. Calling the groomer in advance to share your concerns can help, and even simple techniques such as deep breathing can go a long way toward helping you — and, by extension, your dog — to feel calmer.

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